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Membership FAQs

Who is the Plantiga Membership made for?
A Plantiga membership is awesome for a wide variety of folks, but the common denominator is that everyone moves. Elite athletes, weekend warriors, folks in rehab for injury, and people keen on maintaining movement health for longevity - all are welcome!
What does membership include?
As a member, you will get a full hardware package that includes 2 sets of foam insoles,1 pair of Plantiga pods, a charging/upload dock, and a base station. You will also be assigned a Movement Coach, who will work with you 1 on 1 to help you achieve your personal goals.
What qualifications do your Movement Coaches have? 
Plantiga's Movement Coaching team is composed of biomechanists, kinesiologists, exercise physiologists, sports scientists, and injury rehabilitation professionals.
What does a Movement Coach actually do?
The main role of your Movement Coach is to dive deep into your data and analyze it on your behalf. They will help you develop a personalized goal framework to help keep you on track with your current movement pursuits, and then concentrate key insights into a weekly report so that you can take the information and apply it. 
What will the interaction with my Movement Coach look like?

To get started, you will book an introductory session to get set up with your hardware and learn the ins and outs of activity collection.

Following your first week of activities, a data dive will be scheduled so you can understand the details found in your movement signature.

Every week you can expect digital reports with breakdowns and insights from your activities, as well as an action plan for moving forward with your goals. You are always welcome to schedule additional data dives with your Movement Coach as you need them.

What kind of movements should I be tracking with the Plantiga system?
Whatever feels good to you, or is applicable to your goal! On occasion, your Movement Coach may ask you to do a few tests in addition to your normal activity to assess your movement patterns through a different lens.
How often should I collect my activities?
This depends on your coaching plan and goals, but we encourage tracking as many activities, workouts, or training sessions as you can.
How much data does Plantiga need? 
The Movement Coaches will always welcome as much data as you can provide. More data provides us with a more complete movement picture to report on each week.
I’m dealing with an injury - is that ok?
Absolutely! When you’re injured it is powerful to have a baseline for your movement patterns that we can use to benchmark your recovery. 
Can I share my data with other athletic coaches and practitioners I work with?
For sure! Your Movement Coach can show you how to add anyone to your Plantiga profile so that they can view your data. You can also share your weekly PDF reports with whomever you choose.