Achilles Tendon Rupture: Lynn Valley Case Study

This patient opted for a non-surgical rehabilitation and was instructed to wear a walking boot for three months before beginning intensive physical therapy. Shown is the first six weeks of treatment where the physical therapist is monitoring their walking speed, asymmetry and load.

Initial Injury Report:

Walking Speed Progression: This patient shows linear progress in walking speed, progressing from 0.91 m/s to 1.48 m/s in roughly 6 weeks.

Activity Intensity Progression: This patient shows linear progress in the intensity of their physical therapy sessions. They have increased from an intensity of 500 gpm to an intensity of 1100 gpm as the physical therapist sees improvement in his ability to withstand increasingly strenuous exercise.

Asymmetry Progression: This patient shows stable asymmetry patterns, with all asymmetry recordings being <10%. This could be due to the fact that his asymmetry levels normalized during the first three months he was in a boot before beginning physical therapy sessions.