Insole basics

How to fit insoles to each person and shoe

Fitting insoles to people

  • If the person is using shoes with removable stock insoles, take them out to use as a size guide
  • Stack the stock insoles and the Plantiga insoles facing upside down
  • Align the insole heels and mark where the stock insole toe ends on the Plantiga insole
  • Cut following the size guideline closest to where you marked the Plantiga insole
  • Alternatively, trace the stock insole on the Plantiga insole and cut along your trace line
  • Make sure not to cut too close to the pod area or the pod will not longer fit into the insole
  • If the stock insole cannot be removed from the person’s shoe, have the person place their foot on top of the Plantiga insole with their heel aligned to the the insole heel, and mark where their toes end
  • Trim any excess material off the toe if necessary, following the size guide lines on the bottom of the insole
  • If the person you’re cutting insoles for has wide feet, we recommend using the next insole size up from their normal shoe size and trimming down the toe only to leave extra width

Fitting insoles into shoes

  • Plantiga insoles can be fitted into shoes under or over the stock insole, or used in place of the stock insole - wear them whichever way is most comfortable
  • Plantiga insoles can also be worn underneath orthotic devices or other specialized insoles

Insole Care

  • Clean the insoles with a damp cloth if they get dirty and replace as necessary