Patient Compliance with Plantiga: Pauline's story

Pauline is an 80 year old female who had a left total knee replacement after suffering from osteoarthritis. She uses the Plantiga system during her physiotherapy appointments to help her therapist quantify and track her recovery. This case study highlights how Plantiga can help show the efficacy of physiotherapy and improve engagement.

Walk Tests

  • Walk Test - After her surgery, Pauline had been tracking her walking with her therapist until she was unable to attend her physio sessions due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Walking Speed - Prior to the pandemic, Pauline had been progressing steadily with her asymmetry and walking speed. When she was unable to access her physiotherapy, as noted on the graph, Pauline’s progress stagnated. However, when she returned to her program, there was improvement in just three sessions.


Pauline’s application of the Plantiga system helped to solidify her belief in her physiotherapist and her confidence in the physiotherapy process by objectively showing her progress (or lack thereof) both with and without therapy.