Phase Progression Form

Updated after each data session. The info will be used to enhance algorithms that predict ACL injury recovery time.

Why we use the Phase Progression form

Capturing the information from this form in conjunction with the pod data will enable our algorithms to create a metric for measuring ACL injury progression that will eventually allow us to predict a patient's recovery time. 

If you have not yet read the ACL Injury Information Form documentation please do so before reading this document. This form will be used for updates after each data session, whereas the ACL Injury Information Form should only be filled out once per injured person.

How to use the Phase Progression form

The Phase Progression form is to be filled out by a clinician each time they do a data session. 

Navigate to the person on and select his or her Daily tab on the top. From there you will see the new survey button:

Next, select the "Phase Progression" form type. This will open a new page where you can complete the form. 

Once you complete the form you will be able to view it any time from the person's daily page. You should continue to fill out the ACL Phase Progression form until the patient has made a full recovery.