Return to Play Form

This form is used to establish an injury baseline. The data will be used to create an algorithm that predicts an athlete’s recovery time.

Why we use the Return to Play form

The information from this form will help us with our product development. Our goal is to gain insight into an athlete's return to play progression from injury until full recovery to ultimately predict recovery time.  

How to use the Return to Play form

The Return to Play form is to be filled out by a coach or athletic trainer at the time of injury.

Navigate to the person on and select his or her profile from the tabs on the top. From there you will see the new survey button:

Next, select the "Return to Play" form type. This will open a new page where you can complete the form.

Once you complete the form you will be able to view it any time from the person's profile page. In the following data sessions you will want to fill out the Return to Play Update form for the injury specified.