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Running Speed

Measure power and performance with this run metric.

Using the Run test to find maximum velocity, coaches can compare acceleration/deceleration profiles with top speeds between players, and can use this information to guide their practices. In addition, training maximum velocity has many benefits that go outside simply reaching a faster speed; for example, athletes with greater maximum velocity have greater acceleration and can also withstand greater forces.

Examples of how to use Plantiga’s Running Speed Measure:

Training maximum velocity to improve acceleration - While most sports events may not commonly involve top speed, acceleration becomes more efficient with global coordination development - a skill top sprinters hold.

Training endurance of sub maximal velocities - The ability to hold a sub-maximal velocity is increased by an increase in absolute speed.

Injury prevention - Safe training of supra-maximal velocities prepare muscle groups for overload better than any weight-room exercise and should be included in coaching programs.

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