Speed - Validation Paper


The purpose of this investigation was to determine the accuracy of predicted walking and running speed and distance by smart insoles. 10 recreationally active subjects volunteered to perform two outdoor walking and running trials at speeds ranging from 1.5 - 4.8 m/s while wearing insoles containing. Inertial Measurement Units - IMUs (Plantiga Technologies Platform) sampling at 500 Hz. Subjects were instructed to walk or run around a track with timing gates set 50 and 100 meters apart. Insole data was analyzed using a custom algorithm to determine instantaneous walking and running speed. Results showed that speeds were predicted within -0.24% error (R2=1.00%, p=0.00) and distances were predicted within 1.93% error (R2=1.00%, p=0.00) (CI=95%, N=32).

Plantiga Technologies IMU’s are an accurate and simple way to predict speeds across walking and running activities. It is suggested that this technology be further studied and applied to research, high-performance sports, and rehabilitation for assessment which is not confined to location or accessible equipment.


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