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Date What's New? Details
2019 Nov 19 Movement Maps Available to generate under Extra Files
2019 Nov 26 User Guide Newly available on plantiga.io
2020 Jan 22 New Activity -SLJs Added SLJs for Distance and Height activity types and associated metrics
2020 Mar 27 New Metrics - Gait Suite of gait parameters available for walks and runs
2020 Mar 27 Movement Vitals New Data Review page comparing current score to baseline

2020 Jun 30

Report PDFs PDF of Review Reports available to generate

2020 Jun 30

Report Point Removal Ability to permanently remove selected points from timelines in Review

2020 Sept 10

Segmenting Select specific segment of activity for analysis

2020 Nov 13

Navigation changes Changed Reports to Views/Reviews, added feed to Daily, changed landing to People, added stopwatch functionality under People, located Knowledgebase etc. under Settings

2020 Nov 24

Notes, labels, site version Added Notes section to reports, allowed fully customizable activity labels, added plantiga.io version to Notifications
2020 Dec 3 Review Date Range Selector Added calendar selector for fixed and custom date ranges in Review.
2021 Jan 14 Events Added events to Profile to mark times of interest on Review timeline
2021 Jan 14 Navigation changes Changed stopwatch location, added Daily dataview sidebar, added Daily-Review link
2021 May 6 New Activity - SLJ for RSI Added SLJs for RSI activity types and associated metrics
2021 June 2 Explore Page The Explore page replaces (but still includes) the Raw dataview and also allows selection of different metric plots for side-by-side comparison for a single activity.
2021 June 2 New Activity - Sprints Added sprint-specific run activity type and associated metrics
2021 Sept 7 Explore Plot Functionality Optional smoothing, plot pinning, Raw and Speed plots with other Explore plots
2021 Nov 15 TOS update  
2021 Dec 15 Cycling, Notes, Intensity, Smoothing Added Cycling activity, Intensity plot, icon in Daily for when notes are added. For activities over five minutes, plots are smoothed by default