Data FAQs

Why can't see data I just collected in
Data won’t be visible before it’s done uploading. If the upload is finished and you still don’t see data after 20 minutes, try refreshing If you still do not see your data, it may be due to one or both of your pods losing charge before the activity was completed - make sure to fully charge your pods each day before starting data collection!

Why can't I see all metrics (like speed for runs or walks or height or distance for jumps) for an activity?
If you've finished uploading data but all metrics aren't being calculated, the person may not have been standing still for long enough at the beginning or end of the activity for the algorithm to work properly. Make sure the person performing the activity stands still for 5 seconds at the beginning and end of each activity.  

If my data upload is interrupted (like if I lose internet connectivity or my pods get knocked off the dock) will I lose data?
Data isn’t erased from the insole until it’s fully finished uploading, so upload can be continued after an interruption without losing data.

Data for the left  and right foot looks like it doesn't match up - can this be fixed?

Depending on usage patterns, the pod clocks sometimes become misaligned - contact for a quick fix!

If I switch the pod pairing from one person to another, will I lose the first person’s data?
Data is tied to each person, so pods can be re-paired without affecting historical data. Just make sure you upload all data from one person before re-pairing pods to another person or the data will be associated with the new person.

Does need to be open for me to upload data?
No, you just need the Base Station or Cloud Connector to be running and connected to your organization.  But you can check your data upload status on

What does my data mean?

Check out the Plantigapedia for in depth guides to interpreting your data, or ask your Movement Coach!