Updating your Cloud Connector

From time to time, we'll release improvements to the Cloud Connector and ask you to update the version you're running.

 1️⃣ Quit the Cloud Connector on all of the computers where it's in use.

2️⃣ Go to the Settings page on plantiga.io and click to download the latest Cloud Connector version for your system.

3️⃣ When the download is finished, follow all on screen instructions to install (check out Setting up your Cloud Connector for the specifics for your operating system.)

4️⃣ When asked if you want to replace your current version of the Cloud Connector with the one you've just downloaded, select Replace.

5️⃣ Find the new version of the Cloud Connector in your Applications or Programs and double click to open. Now you're good to go!

Note: The new Cloud Connector will remember all your previous preferences (like API key, Team selection and Run Preferences) so you shouldn't need to update any of this info.