Open Activity

A useful catchall activity type.

If you'd like to capture data on a non-specific type of activity or longer duration of time that may include multiple activities or a mix or periods of activity or inactivity, selecting Open Activity is a good option.  

For example, collecting data on a full basketball game, which included a mix of walking, running, jumping and inactivity, or monitoring patient at home as they go about their day-to-day activities are both good opportunities to use Open activity.  

Open Activities can go for any length of time, up to the full battery and storage life of the pod.

How to record an Open Activity

  1. Tester navigates to the measure page of the Plantiga app and selects the Walk Test.
  2. Tester selects the subject that will be performing the activity. Address any warnings that may come up once they have been selected.
  3. Tester instructs subject to stand still with feet planted firmly on the ground.
  4. Tester starts the Walk Test on and the subject remains still as the stopwatch counts down from 5.
  5. Subject begins walking for the chosen amount of time.
  6. Once the time elapses, the tester instructs the subject to stop and plant their feet firmly on the ground.
  7. Once still, the tester stops the stopwatch and the subject remains still for 5 seconds.
  8. Tester fills out optional information (RPE, Pain, Floor type...) and saves the Walk Test.

Measures Obtained from an Open Activity

Load Reports can be reviewed after completing an Open Activity. 

Other ways to use Open Activities

Open Activities can be broken up into different segments to review load data for specific times during the activity.  You can also edit Open Activities after they have been collected to create multiple activities of different, specific types or remove segments of the activity where no activity is taking place.