Hardware FAQs


What's included in my Plantiga kit?
When you become a Plantiga Member, you'll receive a pair of sensor pods, two pairs of supportive foam insoles, and a dock and base station for charging and uploading data from your pods. 

How can I get more insoles?
Insoles last for many miles, but if they've become less supportive over time we'll replace them free of charge! Just ask your Movement Coach or email support@plantiga.com.

What happens if I'm having hardware trouble?

Talk to your Movement Coach, email us at support@plantiga.com or message us with the chat feature on plantiga.io and we'll get you sorted!

Questions about Pods & Docks

My pods are docked, so why won't the lights won’t turn on?
Try wiggling the pods around on the dock to fix the alignment - you should feel them click into place. If this doesn’t work, make sure the dock USB cord is plugged in securely at both ends and the undersides of the pods are free of dirt. You can also try taking the pods off of the dock, unplugging the dock and plugging it back in, then returning the pods to the dock to reset the dock.

Why won't my pod lights turn green when they're docked?
Your pod lights should turn green once all the data has been uploaded and they have been docked for 20 minutes. If they are still solid orange or yellow, they are still charging - they will turn green once the 20 minutes is up. If they are still blinking orange or yellow, they are uploading data. This might take more than 20 minutes, depending on how much data was on the pods. If they are cycling red-orange-yellow-green, the pods are having an issue connecting to the cloud.

If you're using a Base Station, make sure your base station lights show that the base station is connected to the internet and your dock is securely connected.

If you're using the Cloud Connector, make sure your computer is connected to the internet and the Cloud Connector is running and says Connected to Plantiga Cloud.

I didn't collect any data but my pods are blinking orange while they're on the dock. Why does it look like they are uploading data?
When the pods aren't docked or in sleep mode, they're always collecting data - even if you don't have a stopwatch running (you just won't see the data on plantiga.io).  To avoid collecting data that you don't need, we recommend docking your pods or putting them in sleep mode when they're not in use.

My pod lights are red - what's going on?
This means there’s an issue - try leaving your pods on the dock for at least 20 minutes to clear any bad data, recharge, and reset, or check out some troubleshooting resources here.

I’m having trouble pairing pods - I click on the pairing icon and nothing happens. What's going on?
Try turning off your adblocker - this should allow the pairing window to pop up.

Questions about the Cloud Connector or Base Station

How do I upload data from my pods?
First you'll need to set up your  Base Station or install the Cloud Connector on your computer, link it to your organization, and connect a dock.  Then place the pods on the dock so they click into place and light up.  When you see the pods blinking orange, they are uploading your data.  

Why can't I download the Cloud Connector on my computer?
We support most Windows and Mac operating systems. But if your operating system is more than a few years old, or you're using a different operating system like ChromeOS or Linux you won't be able to run the Cloud Connector. You can still use plantiga.io to start stopwatches and view data but you'll need to find a different computer to charge your pods and upload data.  

How do I update my cloud connector?
From time to time, we will release improvements to the cloud connector. On your computer, you will see a prompt to update to the latest version. Follow the instructions to replace the out of date version. You can check the Cloud Connector version date by clicking on the icon and looking for the date following the letter v and download the latest version from plantiga.io.

Do I need to have the Cloud Connector installed to look at data or run stopwatches?
No, you can use any phone or computer to look at data and record activities from plantiga.io. You just need a connected Base Station or the Cloud Connector installed on at least one computer in order to upload data from the pods and charge the pods.